Health Insurance for freelancer

As of 2009, health insurance is mandatory for anyone living and working in Germany - either permanently or temporarily, whether you are a EU citizen or need a visa.

As a freelancer you have the option to enroll in German private health insurance, state health insurance or to choose a plan from an international health insurance company. But not every international health insurance company fulfills the requirements of German law.

The law states:

Foreign nationals who are not covered by state health insurance must provide evidence of health insurance from a non-state health insurer. This health insurance coverage must meet the following requirements.

a) The health insurance coverage corresponds in its nature and scope to that of the statutory health insurance scheme, i.e. that it specifically does not contain any large-scale exclusions of benefits, require high-percentage excess payments from the insured person, limit the costs reimbursed in any way in the event of illness, or contain any expiration or indemnity clauses with respect to the insured`s age, the cessation of activity or changes in the purpose of residency. In addition, the insurance policy must run indefinitely or be extended automatically and created as a form of life insurance.

b) The Federal Supervisory Authority for Financial Services (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) in Bonn has confirmed that the agreement entered into with the insurance company fulfills the statutory requirements on health insurance in accordance with Section 257(2) (a) of Book V of the German Social Security Statute(SGBV)

How do you find out if an international health insurance policy is valid in Germany?

You may ask the insurance company which you intend to sign up with for their license number from The Federal Supervisory Authority for Financial Services in Germany.


Ask the health insurance company to verify the above listed legal requirements are fulfilled.

If the international insurance company is not able to provide this confirmation, it is most likely they do not fulfill the German legal requirements.

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