German Health Insurance for Employees

Germany has two parallel health insurance systems: state and private health insurance.

(a) State health insurance is run by the German government. If you are employed and your gross income is under EUR 59,400 per year, you are obligated to take out state health insurance. This is for basic coverage and you will pay a fixed percentage of your gross income which is mandated by law. Additional long-term nursing care insurance is also mandatory.

In 2018 your state health insurance payments would account for 15.5% and 2.55% for long-term-nursing care on salaries up to EUR4125 monthly. Your employer will pick up 50% of these costs, but only up to EUR 346.50 monthly. This if your gross income exceeds, EUR4425 you will pay a monthly rate of EUR 434.76 out of your pocket.

Since a lot of services from the public health insurance system have been downgraded or cancelled in recent years, you might want to consider purchasing additional private insurance to cover gaps in the statutory insurance.

(b) Private health insurance can be chosen by any employee with an estimated annual gross income of EUR 59.400. In some countries private health insurance is more expensive than government insurance, but in Germany, private health insurance often represents the better value, provides for better service and more comprehensive coverage, such as the option of private/semi-private hospitals, eye-glasses, contact lenses and other treatments that may not be available under government health insurance policies.

Private patients generally experience preferential treatment while visiting the dentist, doctor or medical facility with some practitioners limiting their practice to private patients.

As in state insurance, your employer will contribute half of the cost toward your private insurance.

The employers share will be up to EUR 379.45 for health insurance, as this is the maximum requirement had you remained in state health insurance.

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