Care College

Health insurance designed to meet the needs of language students, foreign students, participants in international university/technical college products. The Care College policy can be taken out to the insured’s 35th birthday and applies to foreign students during a temporary stay in Germany or Austria or to Austrian and German nationals during a stay abroad except for USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Coverage includes dental treatment, outpatient, and inpatient care by all licensed physicians worldwide at normal local fees.


  • Care College Basic: €26.00 per month for first 18 months
  • Care College Comfort: €33.00 per month
  • Care College Premium: €57.00 per month

The Care College policy can be completed online and once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive all the insurance documents required for your visa application by e-mail within a few minutes. Additionally, the full insurance documentation will be sent by mail within two working days.

In addition to the Care College policy, we recommend that you take out a Care Protector accident and liability policy. You can complete this together with your health insurance under Online Application for a premium from €2.00 per month.

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