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In Germany, there are two parallel health insurance systems: State and private health insurance. (a)Our state health insurance is run by the German government. If you are employed and your gross income is under...

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As of 2009, health insurance is mandatory for anyone living and working in Germany - either permanently or temporarily, whether you are a EU citizen or need a visa. As a freelancer you have the option to enroll in ...

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Residence Permit
As of 2009, health insurance is mandatory for anyone living and working in German.
If you are non-EU citizens and would like to stay longer than 90 days in Germany you will have to apply for a Residence Title (visa).

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German Health Insurance

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If you're looking for German insurances you will find details on all the essential insurance policies you need, such as state insurance, as well as driving and private health insurance details.

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This lady is a GODSEND for any English-speaking families who are new to Germany and confused by the many health insurance options there are here. Bettina helped us to get the very best deal on our health insurance, both in terms of price and quality. I am very happy indeed to recommend Bettina!

Dinah McL. 45 years, British
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

I came across Ms Ostermann’s Web page and I wrote her about my situation. She not only responded very quickly but she was very personal and professional with guiding me in the right direction. I truly recommend her Services because she has a personal touch in a very professional manner.

Rodney D. 49 years, American
lt Ingenieur

I have found Bettina Ostermann really helpful and expert in the Insurance area. She carefully listened to situation and tried to understand it. Her suggestion was reliable and very helpful. No doubt I would strongly recommend Bettina as a best insurance broker if someone needs any assistance. Thanks a lot Bettina for the help.

Deepak S. 33 years, Indian
Professor of Software Systems

Based on my wonderful experience with Bettina, I strongly recommend anyone living in Germany who need an insurance, to get in contact with Bettina. She is very professional, efficient, customer warm & friendly and talking very good english. You will not miss anything! Vielen Dank, Bettina.

Jerry Z. 32 years, Japanese
Marketing Director

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